The Rise of the Health Czar

The Health Czar is the final solution to the mental health crisis in modernity The age old debate of governance extends into mental health and its administration, policy making, and implementation of state and federal regulations. Some argue for democracy, and its careful review, however political, of the need for urgent reform and social action. … Continue reading The Rise of the Health Czar

Selfless Living

''soliciting my grandmother for money for a project and then, when she told my mother, I denied the event, blaming her misunderstanding of my behavior on her dementia...' I've lived a rich & privileged life. In my youth I was resistant and disagreeable, at time challenging my peers, family, friends, and employers. Later, teachers, professors, … Continue reading Selfless Living

Disrupting the Cycle of Anger & Explosive Behavior

I can never figure out why people choose to be angry. It is a choice. As a therapist, I diagnose people with Intermittent Explosive disorder from the DSM 5. I also provide treatment for the person carrying the diagnosis, help in terms of psychoeducation for the person diagnosed and for their families. I even weigh … Continue reading Disrupting the Cycle of Anger & Explosive Behavior