Article 🅾️ [British English Edition🇬🇧]

This paper presents a long-overdue plan and proposal to the office of mental health to close state psychiatric centres and to discharge all remaining patients to the community. From long-term care and extended service units to admissions and adult, children, and adolescent services provided by inpatient treatment wards, this is a call for the complete … Continue reading Article 🅾️ [British English Edition🇬🇧]

Addressing Symptoms (Agitation, Frustration Tolerance)

In the throws of madness I have found some form of peace to hold on to as an anchor in discovering my innermost serenity. Only in the very end of my tormented nights was I unable to identify a technique to self-manage the chaos around me. By that time, I would not suggest self-managing the … Continue reading Addressing Symptoms (Agitation, Frustration Tolerance)

Psychotic Break Survival Skill Kit: Moderate Impairment

Psychosis has a pattern and habit of evolving and growing without bounds into something more even more elaborate and complex than first experienced by the person affected by this unique set of symptoms. Therapists, psychiatrists, and friends and family with a vested interest in our health will work with to unravel and hopefully make more sense … Continue reading Psychotic Break Survival Skill Kit: Moderate Impairment