Hope & Healing🛏

Welcome Everyone! This is a space of support & asylum.This blog is is not intended to coordinate immediate clinical emergencies. If you need immediate medical attention please call 911 or proceed to your local emergency room. This is also not a space to judge others regardless of their presentation; disposition, mental status, disability, sexuality, gender identity or expression. Members that violate this warning will be removed from the group without question.

This blog is intended to create a space of support and safety for people with a mental health diagnosis. The central aim is to develop a community of individuals willing to establish a new culture surrounding the delivery of mental health services and the manner in which treatment, advocacy, and community psychoeducation is rendered by systems of care and prepared for consumption in our communities. Twenty-first century treatment for people with a mental health diagnosis is advancing, largely driven by new trends in research and policy reform. These policies, for better or worse, prescribe and map a course for new treatment pathways and models for delivering best practices in mental healthcare. To build on earlier research requires that clinicians successfully challenge less effective treatment milieus, evidence a need for further data, and ultimately, carry out studies that demonstrate and provide better outcomes for patients. Without question, rising violence can be partly attributed to a broken mental health system

Thank you for reading us @ Mentalhealthaffairs.org.

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