I have always believed in holding on to a cause if it’s just. While this can potentially cause harm if the person isn’t self aware enough to know when their cause is causing more good than bad; holding on under the right self circumstances can be emboldening and liberating.

Of course, unhealthy fixation and narrow focus is a risk too! But being mindful of all your challenges and obligations is crucial to resolving the biggest obstacles ahead. That one outstanding goal isn’t going to resolve itself favorably if your not taking care of all your tasks.

Even risk of harm can be mindfully navigated by pausing and taking up the fight later on. This is why I believe a true fighter knows him or herself well enough to yield a positive and successful outcome in the end with enough will power and self- determination.

Ask yourself: are you giving up because you have to or are because you’ve lost sight of what you believed in?
Maybe you’ve grown. Maybe the cause is no longer relevant. But if it is, if it’s worth fighting for to this day, go out there and get it done.

So, keep on fighting the good fight